Welcome to Era new mech world for the all future mechanical engineers and here is the prop for all students who are the mechaical lover.

S2S PROJECT is the unique in feasibility by its Experience, 1000+ Major/Minor Projects, Mechanical Workshop, Support and Guidance, especially by 3D PRINTING solution.

S2S PROJECT give a chance to future mech world engineers to alter their Skills, creativity, innovative opine into practicality thorough S2S workshops and other services. It's a unique connexion of conactive idea, implementation and innovation.


PURPOSE To be one destiny for all types of solutions for future mechanical engineers by means of our Experience, Creativity, Projects, Support and Guidance, Services, Workshops and 3D Printing.

VISION To join hands of theory and practical knowledge for future innovation breed of mechanical technology.

MISSION To enhance the practical knowledge of mech world students with our S2S Project platform and help to feel the brilliance of future innovations.


C - Certainty
O - Originative
R - Reasonable
E - Endurance